May 1, 2003

May 01, 2003 02:34 AM

Today was incredibly busy. At least I have a system now and a list for each day of what I want to accomplish in preparation for my visit to Portland and in preparation for this summer. Possible U.S. tour with Larsen and the final tracks fr the MEN album. I’m encouraged at the sense of productivity and possibilities. Tonight I decided running is a bitch ! And a bastard, too ! I felt like I was going to die the last two miles. There are a few things about running that are important as you refine your approach. 1. For me, Air Rift (Nike) are the best running shoes. I have been running in Reebok Workout Boots for years and so the switch over was a big deal and it has actually made running harder, but in a good way. Air Rift is like running barefoot. You need insoles or two pairs of tabi socks. 2. If you have some and care about your breast tissue, the bra you run in is all important. Mainly, I have found, for the strap problem. Unless you wear criss cross straps across your back, you have to wait unti your sweat makes the elastic straps stick to your shoulders and not slide off as you run. 3. In the spring and summer, if you breathe with your mouth open at any time, prepare to swallow a bug. 4. Learn to run with a kerchief balled up in your hand to wipe the sweat off your forehead or it runs down your nose and into your mouth and eyes and it burns…… I’m looking forward to getting my navel piercing reopened in Bend, Oregon at Nomad. My friend Blake is a cool guy and he first gave me this piercing in 1997 as a ritual for the final Swans tour and the fragile beginning of the next phase of my life.. If I am lucky, perhaps I can get another tattoo while out in Oregon. The goal is 23 of them and I am not so far away now from that number……… Listened several times to the track with Alan Sparhawk (FOUND) on the forthcoming MEN c.d. that has been in production now for three years. It is terrific. Mixed by Chad Blinman. .. When I returned from Europe, Bartholomew and Red Dog and Ronald Rabbit were waiting for me in the kitchen amongst bright yellow daffodils ! Bartholomew had written a sign in a child -like scrawl with some backward letters that said : “WELCOME HOME MOMMY.” I squealed in delight when I saw this. It took my breath away……This is what I will carry with me. THIS. ………

………… B E L I E V E