May 7, 2003

May 07, 2003 02:06 AM

today it continued to rain heavily. my basement is flooded and the rain comes down even more as i write this. .. there is a lot of work to focus on now. one is getting ready for Portland. ..I’ve been in touch with Diamanda about meeting in person to talk so we can post the next segment of the interview of this site… I’ve also heard from Maynard about the progress with A Perfect Circle’s new album as well as his take on ‘Feral’ for the MEN album. Jim Thirlwell sent me his additions to ‘Angel’ … And a package is on the way to Blixa in Berlin….. It is 2 in the morning. I have fried chicken in my refrigerator. A new song I’ve just written is swirling in my head and I’ve started my search for the right keyboard. Life is full of the unexpected. Change is not always easy. The unknown can be daunting. Yet I remind myself that my enitre life has been filled with challenge and projects await my attention. This life chose me. And one does what they HAVE to do. There are those who DO the work and there are those who talk about it. There are those who make excuses. Yet it if you were born to do your work, it fills your head . It crowds out your other thoughts. And everything EVERYTHING everything feeds it. …………………..

I asked him what it spelled out. … He said : B E L I E V E.