May 18, 2003

May 18, 2003 02:50 AM

tonight i went to an area of Atlanta called Castlebery Hill Arts District. The impression I had upon walking into an exhibit called Prison Art and the work of artist B.Pat was immediate. When i get that kind of reaction, I know it is real and lean, hard and pure. ….. When you don’t have to analyze, when you get it. When it hits you in the gut. ..Raining now. 2 a.m. A night of great music : Are You Going With Me – Pat Metheny, This Is Not America – Bowie, The Only Star In Heaven – Frankie Goes To Hollywood……. Sitting on this desk are a flat panel monitor, Ronald Rabbit, and a set of headphones. .I’m in a great “head space”. Things,,LIFE have taken on a new perspective. I feel more fearless, less afraid of dying, more aware of every second than ever before. I see a moment in time when i sat on the fire escape stairs of a hotel in London with my knees drawn up to my chest. I held my head between my arms and wept. That moment is so beautiful to me now and the richness of life itself is becoming very clear. I have had an incredible life. I have traveled to many places in the world. I have had many private moments of reflection. As I have a visual memory, my experiences can be pulled up like film footage. One ” beauty of life” is knowing people through time. What I mean is that there are a very few people , maybe one special person, with whom you shared so much that you can look back in wonder and understanding with them in your open eyes. .. Maybe they aren’t even there any more. Only in your memory do they still live on.