May 24, 2003

May 24, 2003 01:49 AM

I just got back from the long drive out to Bend, Oregon. Blake reopened my navel piercing from 1997 at his shop/Museum : NOMAD. I had a huge Indian Thali meal and a Taj Mahal 22 oz. and now I am ready for a hot shower and one of the books I picked up Wednesday night, and bed ! Tomorrow morning, I take the train up to Seattle to rehearse with Brian for the concert Monday night back in Portland. Today the drive took me through mountains and “big American country.” Glorious. Last night I went toa spa and enjoyed long intervals adding up to an hour in a 190 degree F. rock sauna interspersed with cold showers. Wow. I’m feeling acclimated to the Northwest and am looking forward to seeing Bill Rieflin and his wife, Frankie and spending the night tomorrow in a place I love. Seattle. ……………..

…….. B E L I E V E