May 26, 2003

May 26, 2003 2:10 PM

Here I am in one of the most interesting towns in America, Seattle. I have spent the weekend up here rehearsing with Brian for tonight’s performance back in Portland. I’m just finishing a strong turkish “StumpTown” coffee after a hot shower. A large cat reclines on the floor basking in the sun by large windows and overflowing greenery. My visit with Bill Rieflin was fun. He has been engaged as REM’s drummer for their upcoming tour after playing on their new album which is coming out in early 2004. They also have a Greatest Hits album coming soon , thus the tour. As he will be rehearsing in Athens, GA, I hope to see Bill again this summer. OKAY, I’m on another PC and I’m getting error messages so I want to post this NOW .

I’ll talk to you either before I get on the plane for Atlanta in the morning or when I get home.

…………………………….. B E L I E V E