June 1, 2003

June 01, 2003 4:24 PM

“Why does one go into retreat?” she went on hotly. ” One goes into a retreat to understand who one really is and what the situation truly is. When one begins to understand oneself then one can truly understand others because we are all interrelated. It is very difficult to understand others WHILE ONE IS STILL CAUGHT UP IN THE TURMOIL OF ONE’S EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT – BECAUSE WE’RE AWAYS INTERPRETING OTHERS FROM A STANDPOINT OF OUR OWN NEEDS. That’s why, when you meet hermits who have really done a lot of retreat, say twenty five years, they are not cold and distant. On the contary. They are absolutley lovely people. You know that their love for you is totally without judgement because it doesn’t rely on who you are or what you are doing, or how you treat them. It’s totally impartial. It’s just love. It’s like the sun – it shines on everyone. Whatever you did they’d still love you because they understand your predicament and in that understanding naturally arises love and compassion. IT’S NOT BASED ON SENTIMENT. IT’S NOT BASED ON FEED-BACK AND HOW GOOD IT MAKES YOU FEEL. That is not real love at all. ” – Tenzin Palmo from: CAVE IN THE SNOW