June 12, 2003

June 12, 2003 03:06 AM

Today I again spent the afternoon at the Matthew Barney exhibit. www.cremaster.net/ I have a new intense fascination with this work partly because it is not work to which I am immediately drawn (in contrast, I respond readily to Odd Nerdrum’s work) and partly because it is so personal and self referential for what I dismissed originally as somewhat goofy, impersonal, and remote high concept. I carressed the molded frozen Vaseline bar top as I slowly departed the installation for the last time. I left at closing and again walked around 120 blocks down and east and down some more. My buttock muscles love me as I write this. It feels wonderful. Later I went to a gallery opening on Rivington Street and then met James Graham who works in a company that does various media production such as commercials and corporate presentations. We talked about the Barney show and interpersonal business scenerios and Harry Houdini and Joe’s Pub and the firemen who cut a hole in James’ ceiling the other night due to the flames on his apartment building’s roof. ……. I walked back to Ludlow Street in the rain, ate a chocolate muffin , drank pomegranate juice, and sucked on melatonin. I feel it kicking in finally.

………………. B E L I E V E ………………. IN ……………… YOU