June 23, 2003

June 23, 2003 01:09 AM

A dead crow has been found in the park where I run at night. It is said the crow died of West Nile virus and that the virus is spread by a mosquito biting a bird and then a human. As mosquitoes breed in standing water, persons in this area have been advised to dump water out of any container holding water outside for more than seven days. This includes gutters, plant saucers, and even bottle caps. We are asked to keep grasses trimmed, etc. We are asked to wear long sleeves and long pants. I am wondering how this is going to be possible in the hot summer at any time , much less while people engage in sports and exercise outside. West Nile virus can lead to a form of encephalitis. …..Meanwhile, I cut my hand on my grandfather’s old rusted metal trunk this afternoon while I was attempting to sand the surface down to an even further distressed state. I ran inside and cleaned the cuts and pondered how long it has been since my last tetanus shot. … Realization : I understood with clarity this afternoon that the “unfinished” state of things is beautiful to me and pleasing. It is when something is ” finished ” that I grow bored and want to undo it. When I realize this about myself, I understand why I do my music , why my house looks like it does, why I change things around. It is at that point that I experience deep satisfaction – for awhile.


Believe in this moment.