July 9, 2003

July 09, 2003 02:47 AM

the emotions announce themselves . i continued to wince and notice the ” stab” sensation in my chest and gut. there was no relief in the way that i imagined it from reading the books. aware that meditation , acupuncture , st johns wort, exercise, a diet of healthy foods would benefit the machine, i also realized not to fear my emotional reaction but to acknowledge it and let it pass through me and leave. it wasn’t easy to do this but at least i would not fight it back but would let it have its way with me before exiting the system. that is the key. it will all pass. what of it matters 5 years from now ? it always feels like it is the loudest thing and it always fades with time. laughter is beautiful. being kind to yourself is an act of love. the more love you give to yourself instead of asking for it or expecting it from others , the more will begin to come yor way.

…………. ………….. believe