August 26, 2003

August 26, 2003 04:04 AM

Living a life of passion……..Have received such tremendous response via email about the tour. I look forward to the next tour of the U.S. very much and also hope to play Montreal again. On the home front, my garden is overgrown and wild. A lot of work to be done. All of it welcomed. I am feeling healthy and optimistic and strong. Privledged to have had the opportunity to do my work via this tour. Performing is immediate and for every person who sees the performance, many others unseen are touched by the power of it vicariously. I am processing the valuable things I learned on the road this last month – the many mistakes I have made and the vital wisdom I have gained as a result of the experience. What I am now seeing is that I had the answers all along. I heard the voice inside me and when I ignored it, trouble came. This is why running and meditation are necessary for me . They strengthen that inner voice and remove me from the things that would take me away – from myself. There is no other way for me but the way of compassion. I am aware of my life of ‘alone-ness’ and I am aware of all of the things that went into creating my particular work. Everyone has their own method. The interesting thing is when you find joy and light in all the previously emotionally painful places inside yourself. Those experiences were simply processed by me as a result of my “nature”. I created my nature. No one else would react my exact way to a particuar stimulus emotionally. I do not look for isolation or pain or negative energy. Far from toxic, I am full of life force and energy and PASSION.

Bring It On.

……… B E L I E V E