October 1, 2003

October 01, 2003 03:03 AM

clarity. i am in a state of WAKING. my brain is a new operating system. realizations about past actions and points of view are coming at me without ego directives. so many memories / information. i made reactionary mistakes. bad judgement. i listened to those around me who acted from their own personal gain or insecurities. but now i can feel the change in me happening. i am calm . i was told last night about a Marine who told his chidren : “you’re doing that ? well, stop DOING it ” – in response to their troubled states of MIND . it may sound simplistic but in actuality, it gets results. don’t dwell on what is wrong. the attitude determines everything. it can be hard , for example, to let your emotional pain go. but the fear of letting it go is worse than the actual pain. There are many things going on now in my world but most importantly it has to do with family . understanding LOVE really does make YOU free. i realized that love IS freedom and that the old saying (and popular song for that matter) : “if you love somebody, set them free” is true love. they know who they are. i give that true love to my family from now on. from now on.

………… TRUST