October 2, 2003

October 02, 2003 12:18 AM

“I say this to myself when I find myself getting annoyed at someone for no obvious reason. It reminds me that the reason I am getting annoyed is that they are similar to me and I am getting annoyed at seeing a part of me I don’t like reflected back at me. Instead of getting angry, I can learn about myself and perhaps get better.” ‘Mirror, mirror. ‘
“Every person has their own universe to live in, their own unique outlook on the world. For this reason, we can’t ever truly communicate with each other – we are all speaking different languages. Creativity is symptomatic of the fact that we have recognzed this inability and are looking for another way.” ‘None can ever understand anything someone else says.’
“People often act on their feelings and end up making bad decisions. Think before you act and live life better. ” ‘Think, then act, then feel, not the other way round.’ *

– * You Are The Author