October 7, 2003

October 07, 2003 01:06 AM

ironwoman… i ran in a light but steady drizzle tonight . it seems the rain did not hinder; it was beneficial. i was giddy when i approached the truck to drive home . i had set a new record for my time around the trail. my knees feel good. my legs feel the light muscle tear and i love it. as i have written before, there was a time when i was such a jock that i wanted to be a professional athlete. various ‘mental’ pulls steered me on the path to psychological/emotional/philosophical pursuit. i.e. art gallery audio installation, and eventually full fledged musical efforts. yet my body knows many deep secrets and there is a bond between me and the ‘physical’ manifestation of mind. this is why i love lifting weights and running and why sex is so important and joyous to me. my body and ergo, my spirit is alive. even in music, physicality is important to me and comes out naturally. i continue to listen to the voice that lives inside me now. i have learned so much in the past year. so many feelings that confused me are in the open now. i will never protect myself from life. i am fierce enough and courageous enough to face love. i know the truth. i witnessed it. . . i witnessed it. . .

“for thy sweet love remembered, such wealth brings that i scorn to change my state with kings.”

‘always + forever’