October 22, 2003

October 22, 2003 8:47 PM

Tomorrow we leave for Greece to do the Seelenschmerz Festival. * The Neurosis + Jarboe album is here and you can hear a song if you go to the cd section of Products. Please post your reaction to this collaborative album on my discussion board.* The days have been sunny and warm. The nights cool. Perfect weather for making a heart-shaped box. Anyone who has acquired one of the hearts from this site, I also invite you to post your reaction to it. * Everything is falling into place now for the release of my next album : MEN and its theme of heartbreak and shattered hopes for reconciliation. Remember , you put yourself where you are now in your head and in your emotional state. It is lazy and easy to blame another person. You control your destiny. You make the decisions of how you want to feel right now. This sounds simple but the kind of discipline I am talking about is not easy to live. Yet, I can tell you with conviction that it is the ONLY way to live. Rise above any of the people or circumstances that you now believe are holding you back. Live elegantly and with high self esteem. Do not be a fragile egg shell. Do not be that breakable. Compassion is stronger than hatred. Compassion is stronger than anger. Compassion is stronger than revenge or resentment. Do not allow your dignity to be replaced with petty mind games. Rise above. Live well. Be proud of yourself. Let yourself soar. You cannot control another person’s destiny . You cannot regulate another person’s actions or the path they have chosen. Stop trying to regulate anyone outside of yourself. “To your own self, be true.” ………… see you when I get back in a few days.