October 30, 2003

October 30, 2003 05:15 AM

5:11 a.m. here in Atlanta and i am unable to sleep. Many things on my mind. The repeating patterns of the piano compositions I have yet to record make up the main activity. The focus now is getting Thirteen Masks reissued and the remaining four mixes for the MEN album. Along with this, finding the right guitarist and or piano player to accompany me in live shows 2004. ……….. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal today about art conservators who face the dilemma of preserving work which by the nature of the materials used is rapidly deteriorating and impermanent. The urgency is that many works using such decaying material as in numerous contemporary art has now attained blue chip status and has thus become a serious investment . The added problem is that if the artist is interested in redoing the piece, it is no longer as valuable as it is no longer as old. …”…The 1990’s vogue for body art and shock art has transformed the work of art conservators, forcing them to figure out new ways of preserving dung, blood, food, animal body parts and other materials favored by contemporary artists.” -WSJ The Whitney opened an 8 million dollar restoration lab last month. Denver has spent nearly 1 million last year on preserving works less than 15 years old. These works attract large crowds . Therefore, even the Met now has dedicated contemporary art galleries which is new in the past two decades. It is stated that these works are their biggest draw. I was also impressed with the Denver Museum’s 100 million dollar expansion project to triple the display space for contemporary work. One of the most interesting examples stated in this article about the increasing value to these works is the bar of soap with body hair by Tom Friedman . It sold for 3,000. in 1990 when he made it. Christie’s International auctioned it for 54,000. two years ago. Of course, the main thing I was thinking of while I read this article is the idea of decay being part of the piece intended by the artist. I love the idea that these works cannot be a “secure sound investment” by their very nature. ….. How this ultimately ties into a news story I heard on National Pubic Radio about the fires in California ..next artery. ………………………………………

“Uh — if you’re such a failure than you wouldn’t have had ANY relationships. You’ve been intriguing and attractive and delightful enough to have had FOUR, and some long time ones.” – to me from Anonymous ………….. STRENGTH. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOU.