November 2, 2003

November 02, 2003 02:57 AM

accomplished successful people focus on what is right and not on what is wrong. when you truly love , you do not abandon a person when they are in pain. here is the key. it is so lazy and easy and silly to let another person wrong you by allowing yourself to feel sorry for yourself and victimized instead of communicating and understanding and even feeling sorry for them. it is easy to toss blame to another person and tell others that you are a victim. it is easy to pass the buck and take no personal responsibility for your actions. some people act as though they lack a conscience. some people have crossed the line in human behavior and their behavior may as well be called ‘unleash the beast.’ i will continue to believe in focusing on what ultimately no one can take away from you in your life and that is the thing you accomplish in this short life instead of wasting your life with mind games and victim speak. listen : living well really IS the best revenge – if revenge is what you want. for me , that has been the process of writing and recording and performing music and utilizing my voice to convey emotion. i have been fascinated by emotions since i was a little girl. when i realized that joy lasted as long as crying, a light went off in my head. i continued to “be me” but i took on different colors as the emotional state i had at the time expressed itself. when you realize that someone says things to you because they enjoy trying to get a reaction of negativity from you that comes out as sadness or anger (read: mind games) , you can process it a lot of ways such as realize they must be hurting inside. when you love someone, you do not abandon them when they hurt inside. we are all rapidly dying. time is short. i have an album to finish and another one already writing itself in my head. there are concerts to give, there is work to be done. focus on WHAT IS RIGHT and not what is wrong. i found a cool website :

” Why laugh ? And how will it help you ? Here are just three reasons to laugh…. and keep laughing:

* It strengthens your immune system. * It makes your cheeks sore. * It actually increases your intellectual performance and boosts information retention. ”

……………………. LAUGH !