November 24, 2003

November 24, 2003 03:01 AM

i wasn’t under any obligation except the one i had placed – on myself. now from the place scarred deep within me by acid, i look at things with the intent of understanding another point of view and i am not threatened or afraid. i can see what is waiting for me. i know what i have to do to get there. i embrace the grays . i do not need to be told what is black , what is white. . . listening more. listening more and talking less. listening more and drawing conclusions less and less. loving more and desiring less. loving more and asking for nothing at all. letting go. letting go and not attaching. not attaching one bit. this is the way . no attachment. no expectations except the ones i set for myself. everyone else is free. free to go. free to judge me. free to dismiss me. free to hate me. free to see my faults. free to concern themselves with all that is wrong or problematic in their eyes about me. and i am free to walk away and let go of it . i am here to walk my path. i am here to accept my aloneness. my purpose is to do my work and go within to let it breathe. i am turning. i am walking . i am opening my eyes. i am running.