November 28, 2003

November 28, 2003 5:21 PM

“Meditate on death until you are certain you are going to die. Then you will not find it difficult to put aside harmful actions, nor difficult to do what is right.” * …. … “if you do not think about death, you will ignore this life. if you do not ignore this life, you will be influenced by the eight worldly concerns : being happy if you receive gifts and unhappy if you do not; being happy if comfortable and unhappy if not; happy if famous and unhappy if not; happy if praised and unhappy if criticized. ” ** … … “in the city of preconceptions, wander the zombies of the eight wordly concerns. you are in a terrifying charnel ground……”*** … … “now i’ll just ride out the bad things because i know they’re going to change….if you allow yourself some degree of emotional maturity in the process of just getting older, then you’re able to see it for what it is and not be so buffeted by the winds of fortune and change.” **** … …

* Geshe Potowa ** Pabongka Rinpoche *** Lingraepa *** *r.g.