December 3, 2003

December 03, 2003 02:05 AM

In 25 days, I’m on a plane for Brazil. Today, I have been making the offered “oddities” hearts for this site. I’m applying layers of paints and acids and varnish to them as they dry in the cold air in the garden in front of the house. The hearts are red but bruised. Some are peeling. Some have words. Some have chains. HE told me they weren’t morbid , after I had announced them as such.. . And indeed they are very much fresh .


After a special occasion dinner of Japanese sushi, I enjoyed a book about Hindu traditions. A bath in turmeric and cream ; I will try this tonight. Red handprints on the house wall made from kum-kum… Gold mango leaves above the doorway. A mirror above the bed to ward off the evil eye. ..

My hands are ice. I will hug Bartholomew to my chest as I sleep.

…………………… as I welcome the other world.