December 9, 2003

December 09, 2003 04:59 AM

Energy comes fully and naturally when you relax. Relaxed in a state of acceptance. There is no conflict when I accept something. When I accept something, transformation happens. In this transformation, there is no struggle. As I accept passion, compassion enters me. The thing that keeps me from being overly involved with “wants” is my acceptance of things as they are. When I accept things as they are, there is no problem. I have then truly gone beyond the desire. I have accepted. There is no problem. ……………. ……………. Today I wear the antique silver cuff bracelet from India that never came off my arm during the first Skin album recorded in London and the Chidren Of God album in dramatic, isolated rural Cornwall, England and the savage and romantic experience of the eastern European tour that followed . I would walk all over the grounds of the compound of the studio in Cornwall . I would frequently hike steep hills onto lush pastures . I would explore deep woods. Norman regularly found one of my bracelets on the path from my cabin to the studio. I lived in heavy bracelets on both arms for a very long time. I bathed and slept in them. When I wear this cuff, I remember those times. They were magnificent times. And now, 2004 will be the beautiful year of my love affair with the piano.