December 18, 2003

December 18, 2003 03:46 AM

to listen is a beautiful thing. listen to silence. listen to piano compositions in my head. listen to the sound of his breathing as he slept next to me. .the most beautiful sound of all.

to love another, you must know your own self well. to love another, it is necessary to have lived alone for a long time and to have thoroughly enjoyed being alone. if you do not love yourself and cannot enjoy being alone, you cannot possibly love anyone else. my time in the next year will be spent falling in love with myself. i will write my new album alone. i will travel and do concerts. the most important thing too me is my music. in the spring, the MEN album will be close to release and the solo piano album will be in the beginning stages. To mount a mostly instrumental album has me filled with energy inside as i listen to it in my head.

Someone suggested to me recently a metaphor to “autoscopia” – which they described as ” a mental disease in which the affected person belives to hear sounds inside his/her body like the blood stream flow, microarteries exploding, air passing through those small bags in the lungs, urine dripping in the bladder, electric impulses ….”