December 23, 2003

December 23, 2003 03:34 AM

“It is very easy to choose one – to choose love and to drop freedom- but then you will always be haunted by freedom, and it will destroy your love. Love will look as if it is against freedom, inimical to freedom, antagonistic to freedom. How can one leave freedom ? It cannot be left, even for love. By and by you will become fed up with love, and you will start moving to the other extreme. One day you will leave love and rush toward freedom. But just to be free and without loving, how can one live ? Love is such a big need. To be loved and to love is almost spiritual breathing. The body cannot live without breath, and the spirit cannot live without love. This way one moves like a pendulum swings – from freedom to love, from love to freedom. This way the wheel can continue for many lives. This is how is has continued. We call it the wheel of life. It goes on rotating: the same spokes coming up, going down. Liberation comes when one attains a synthesis between love and freedom. Choose the paradox. Don’t choose the alternatives that the paradox has given to you. Choose the whole paradox. Don’t choose one, choose both; choose together. Move in love and remain free. Remain free, but never make your freedom antilove.”

– Everyday Osho