December 26, 2003

December 26, 2003 02:42 AM

“If you are afraid of becoming sane, that is one thing, but don’t be afraid of going mad, because what else can happen ? The worst has happened already! We are living in the worst kind of hell. So if you fall you may fall into heaven. You cannot fall anywhere else. But people are afraid, because whatever they have been living, they think that it is the normal thing. Nobody is normal. It is only very rarely that there is a normal man like Jesus or Buddha; All others are abnormal. But the abnormal are in the majority, so they call themselves normal; Jesus looks abnormal. And naturally the majority can decide; they have the votes to decide who is normal and who is not. It is a strange world: Here normal people appear abnormal, and the abnormal are thought to be normal. Watch people, watch your own mind: It is a monkey, a mad monkey. For thirty minutes just write down whatever comes into your mind, and then show it to someone. Anybody will certify you as mad! Don’t be afraid. Go with the feeling that comes to you, go with that call, follow that hint. And if you disappear, disappear ! What have you go to lose ? ”

– Everyday Osho