January 12, 2004

January 12, 2004 03:50 AM

tonight the moon lit up the park as i ran in the cold. The shadows of the tree branches enhanced the mood of eerie silence and a sense of timelessness. as has been the case for weeks, the piano played in my head and the only distraction was my breath and the sound of the Air Rifts as i climbed the hill as hard and steady as I could. a burst of speed and my heart nearly exploded out of my chest. I back tracked through the center of the golf course for a total of 5 miles. When I got home, I took a bath with newly discovered peppermint body crystals and scrubbed my entire body until it tingled. The room was glowing in candlelight and smoke from the incense that I love to see but still cannot smell. I have read that steroids can bring back my damaged brain receptacles for smell. i am trying an alternative method this year using myself as the subject in the experiment.