January 13, 2004

January 13, 2004 03:01 AM

This week I have the very difficult task of compiling the source material for a special cd of all the material I sang in Swans and Skin and misc other tracks that has not been re-issued or not released at all. This will be in a series of four cd releases of my back catalog. Also included in the series will be Thirteen Masks and Beautiful People Ltd. The Men album is also coming out in a few months. Then I get to work on the piano album. Wish me harmny at home so I can work in peace. What I have realized recently is that I have absolutely no control over anything other than my OWN reaction to outside events and behavior of other people. There is someone I love who tells me that as soon as he no longer associates with me, he will be doing great. I hope so. I truly do hope so. I wish success with no fear. If anyone remembers me at all someday, I hope they remember that I wanted them to soar. I wanted their wings strong and wide. No fear. No blame. No resentment. Do not attack the people who care about you.