January 24, 2004

January 24, 2004 04:57 AM

in keeping with the weekly analysis of what lifts me up and what brings me down, i realized that the more i try to get away from something, the deeper it gets into me. the thing is to listen to your instincts and find what is working. if something weighs heavily upon your thoughts, let it go by not forcing it to leave. for me, there is a direct correlation with my outlook and how many miles i runs per week. and my idea of pampering is a hot bath and reading in bed until i get drowsy. these things are simple and yet to me, if i am in a state of awareness, they are joyous. when you do your work, your whole attitude about life improves. when you are busy with the schedule of exercise for your brain and your body, your inner core is nourished. i accept what i cannot change and i continue to “change my mind”.