January 30, 2004

January 30, 2004 12:51 AM

“Mind is very cunning; it is never simple. The heart is never cunning; it is always simple. To be simple means shifting from the head to the heart.

We live from the head. That’s why our life becomes more and more complicated, more and more like a jigsaw puzzle: Nothing seems to fit. And the more we try to be clever, the more in a mess we are. That has been our history: We have gone more and more insane. Now the whole earth is almost like a madhouse. The time has come if humanity is to survive at all, for a great shift to happen: We have to move from the head to the heart. Otherwise, the head is ready to commit suicide. It has created so much misery and so much boredom and so many problems that suicide seems the only way out. The whole earth is preparing for suicide. It is going to be a global suicide, unless a miracle happens.

And this is going to be the miracle- if it happens, this is the miracle- there will be a great shift, a radical change, in our very outlook: We will start living from the heart. We will drop the whole universe of the mind, and we will start afresh like small children.

Live from the heart. Feel more, think less, be more sensitive and less logical. Be more and more heartfelt, and your life will become a sheer joy.”

– Everyday Osho