February 9, 2004

February 09, 2004 01:31 AM

It’s been busy around here preparing for the series of four cds of past material coming out soon. Lary 7 is busy with a remix of “Volcano” . I will send out an announcement about the cd reisues this week. Also I may be going out to L.A. to finish the Men album the end of March. It seems like a lot of ideas and new ways of seeing have been occurring of late. Perhaps this is due to the flower remedies (Sweet Chestnut, Holly) I’m taking or perhaps ? hormonal. Quite by accident yesterday I discovered these weird (“Matthew Barney-like” a friend observed) silicone tipped light bulbs when I was looking for office lights. I put one inside a small lamp that has leaves instead of a shade. Another furniture project is underway with the “rebirth” of a chest of drawers from my childhood. If it is a success, I ‘ll have a photo up on the site. I’ll be sending a “heart” to Austin for a gallery exhibition that will run during the SXSW. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, but when creativity comes it comes furiously.