March 22, 2004

March 22, 2004 01:49 AM

For the most part, I am a product of an eccentric American South and Atlanta. I read a great many books as a child and I was very curious and interested in the world. I did not have a closed community closing my mind. I was encouraged in Atlanta by my teachers to expand my life, my world, and my opportunities. Education is the key to a city’s cultural livelihood. Last night I managed to get my mind off of the accident for awhile and attended an opening reception for an exhibit of Korean Treasures at Oglethorpe University Museum of Art. This is my favorite space in Atlanta to see art. With Emory University’s space being second. I have problems with most of the art spaces in this city. To my mind, there is no * stunning * and strong art space in and of itself nor anyone one with a bold and unapologetic vision and power at the helm. With all of the gobs of big money in Atlanta, I wonder why it has not been enticed into making a serious art institution. I am curious where Atlanta will be 20 years from now with regard to art. I find “brain drain” a sad thing yet it seems a cold reality in American cities. From the time I left Atlanta in 1984 (to join Swans and live in New York), until now in 2004, I have not been impressed with the progress here. There is a lot of big corporate money in this town and there are several excellent universities. I am curious if these factors can ever come together more than they currently do to enrich the city culturally.