April 5, 2004

April 05, 2004 02:31 AM

Here I am in my office in Atlanta, having returned from California. Only tonight do I feel that I am approaching a rested state. The travel back east had delays and other considerations. Tonight as I took a hot bath I realized that this year has already brought yet another shift in consciousness. The biggest turning point is that there is no longer pain because of fear and lack of its acceptance. When you can acknowledge your emotional pain and fear, an amazing thing happens. It loses its power over you and you grow strong again. As long as you fight the fear ( in whatever form it takes : grief, anger…), it has a hold on you. You remain captive as long as you struggle and run. So don’t run. Admit you are fearful, grieving, or angry… Face it no matter how hard it may be… and when you do so, you will recover yourself and turn a new page in consciousness. You will not be bullied by your fears again even though they remain. They are there but they are no longer in the shadows. You are free.