April 8, 2004

April 08, 2004 02:45 AM

i wrote a song once called Bound. It was intended as a not- so- pretty picture but ambiguous just -the -same portrayal of being a “slave to love” as some describe it. i knew a man who said he remembered all the fights we had ever had. yet for all of those times, he never seemed to give much credence to the other times. he dismissed and gave little value to the intimacy we had shared that made us special. little things like midnight drives to “steak and shake” or laying on our backs watching the meteor shower or kissing outside in the dark or laying in the hammock at night watching The Simpsons on a tv plugged into a very long extension cord or holding hands at the movies or hours of intense hungry lovemaking or making cookies or side by side panting and sweaty together in the back of the truck after running and looking up at the night sky or laughing at fireworks displays or dancing with Bartholomew …… too many memories to list. i knew a woman who distended her rib cage she wept so hard from grief. i knew a woman who hung her head down and stared through tears. i read about a woman who went to the Arctic.