May 3, 2004

May 03, 2004 02:04 AM

Last night, I went for a long run in the park near this house. The air was cool and fresh after a rain. Today I have been organizing my office and my work area in the basement. I’m also looking forward to my trip and the intense sense of aloneness I feel in New York City. I became so used to walking there for hours at a time. Even on the crowded sidewalk , the beauty of the intense isolation is overwhelming. Here in Atlanta, I love this house and my lush garden and the birds that sing for me every day. It is a privilege to live here and adding to that privilege is being able to go to my other home – my familiar neighborhood where Michael and I lived and worked for so many years – in Manhattan. .. Conversely, there are some people with whom I have little or no history who have written and/or have spoken with me recently. You know who you are. Know this : I am listening.