May 11, 2004

May 11, 2004 10:30 PM

It’s hot. I just had a tofu sandwich from Gracefully on Avenue A and a glass of organic 6% alc merlot. I’m here on Ludlow Street in New York City writing on an iBook. In the air is the distinctive sound of Lower East Side youth chaos : a band rehearsing with a bad drummer, cabs zooming by, girls always laughing , and the moving crowds of people bar-hopping. I woke up very late today to a large photo shoot in front of Max Fish bar directly across from the window of this apartment. I was aware of the actually “typical” nature of this scene. Many a day , I opened my door on 6th and B to a photo or film shoot. Today’s photo shoot location with Elite Agency model’s was the same sidewalk where many a noteworthy East Village musician known to readers of this Artery has at one time or another sprawled in their own vomit at 4 a.m. after a ceremonial booting out the door. That was a different era to be sure. A dangerous harder time. AND a time filled with real CHARACTER. Now in this suburban gentrified Downtown, “rockers” do things like chat on cell phones in front of Max Fish as they casually lay their instruments down on the sidewalk and obliviously turn their back and smile bleached teeth smiles as they socialize……Speaking of the romantic burned out buildings empty echoing streets lurking death soot “good old days”, I spoke with Downtown pioneer, Mr. Lary Seven today and will be meeting up with him this week to discuss our future performance at PS122. This weekend I will also be going to the Whitney, the Met, and the Clositers. ………. Constantly evolving. It is easy to look around my old neighborhood and wonder whose these invaders are, these strangers. Like any and everyone who has become a long time resident of a neighborhood here. The same but never the same. NYC.