May 17, 2004

May 17, 2004 12:59 AM

I FEEL GREAT. I’ve been getting an enormous amount of exercise outside and eating two big meals a day and enjoying myself immensely here in NYC. On Saturday : the massive Biennale at the Whitney Museum of American Art (amazing Paul McCarthy piece on the roof) and then the Empire State Building observation deck, Times Square, and the long fast paced walk downtown. Thanks to Nike Air Rifts and my aerobic devotion over the years, I briskly walked well over 135 blocks on Saturday and a good twenty miles at the end of the day. The running has paid off. Evidenced by these strong legs and lungs and a powerful heart. A day that ended in Moroccan cuisine in my favorite cafe. Wow. Sunday : Byzantine art and French bistro cuisine. I took the subway uptown to view the current exhibit of icons and other religious works from the Byzantine era. (BTW, see The Passion Of The Christ. One of my favorite films now. I found it profoundly effective and moving.) An incredible show – in one of my favorite places in the world : the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Again, I walked all the way back downtown to Ludlow and Houston – taking 5th Avenue and then crossing over to Park and walking under the Helmsley Building and carrying on until it becomes 4th . I love walking downtown on Park Avenue. It is serene on a Sunday as it is relatively empty compared with Saturday’s mob scene in Times Square. I used to take this same Park Ave walk alone at 4 a.m. : fast walking fearless woman in warrier mode. NEXT: St John the Divine, Chelsea Art district, ground zero, the Clositers, the Dakota.