May 19, 2004

May 19, 2004 4:05 PM

A R T. I spent yesterday afternoon in Chelsea. The memories of a certain young woman fly up in my mind like playful sparrows as I walk by the Chelsea Hotel where I have both stayed for a visit as well as lived as a resident. Next, the steps and industrial elevator rides begin in the pursuit of ART. I enjoyed several of the current works in the galleries in Chelsea. Notably : the (must- see- to -be -believed) work of Do-Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin, and “artist turned healer” AA Bronson ( at Connelly. Both spaces on West 26th Street. Also : Atelier van Lieshout “Humans, Machines, and Body Parts” at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery on West 21st, Delia R. Gonzalez and Gavin R. Russom “Evolution Is Extinct” at Daniel Reich Gallery on 23rd, Cindy Sherman (freakish and disturbing “clowns” in a photoshop world) at Metro Pictures on 24th Street, and the sublime and eleagant drawings of John Cage (Zen inspired) at Zone Center for the Arts on 26th St. (….. Anish Kapoor “Whiteout” at Barbara Gladstone Gallery on W. 24th and Tony Smith at Matthew Marks (W.24th location) were serious and commanding works by masters. Speaking of which, tomorrow I’ll be going to the Gerhardt Richter exhibit at Freeman Gallery at 560 Broadway. High fashion is also on my list so I’ll also have a look at the Alexander McQueen shop at 417 W. 14th Street. Today is raining and cool. I finally got sleep today. Too many racing thoughts in my head of late. Yet, it has been going like this , off and on for over a year. I installed Speakable Items “Buster” on the desktop to tell me jokes and keep me company while online. Apple computers are simply beautiful.

Walked through a blockade yesterday. Many police. A hearing of the 9/11 commission I was told. There is a huge mural proclaiming : “NEVER FORGET” covered in names.