May 22, 2004

May 22, 2004 12:43 AM

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” mmmmm….. How beautiful and perfect a saying this is… Someone said to me today: “you are in your element.” I can’t argue. NYC is my hometown in every meaning of the phrase. It is where I was truly born. Last night I had a *healthy* meal at a peaceful vegetarian place called The Sanctuary on First Avenue and 1st Street. Then I went over to the music performance space called Tonic and went downstairs to an area called Subtonic to hear an avant garde performance of synths and vocals and various horn instruments. I sat inside a huge former vinegar barrel in a space that looked industrial and clinical at the same time. I loved it. Tonic is cool. Today I met Travis, the curator at PS122 , discussed my future show there and we smiled since he is from North Carolina and he recognized my Southern accent. I got a good feeling about this legendary performance space. Then I went to Soho to experience an elegant and gentle import shop specializing in Buddhist art and handmade clothing from Tibet and India. I had purchased a pair of gold and leather Indian shoes here in the company of Nicky Skopelitus (guest musician on The Burning World album) around 1989. I walked to Peter Freeman, Inc at 560 Broadway to see “Two Sculptures for a Room by Palermo” by Gerhard Richter. Made a pit stop at Time Cafe on Lafayette where the bartender was talking quite obsessively to some of his friends about his recent trip to Turin, Italy. I smiled to myself as he described how bizarre he found Turin to be. (?!) Having spent time there myself in 2003, I was amused but reminded myself that ” one man’s meat is another man’s poison. ” Then I took the 6 train back up to the Met again, went throught the Byzantine exhibit again (the connection between Islam and the Byzantine movement is fascinating . My favorite work in the exhibit, however, is entitled Lamenting Virgin) and spent the afternoon in the exhibit for The Gates Project. This is a fascinating large exhibit for the upcoming Christo project for Central Park. There were detailed drawings , photographs, and the actual steel hardware and the two fabrics that will be involved in creating 26 miles of orange cloth “gates” around Central Park in February 2005. I am planning on helping with this project as a laborer at that time. After this exhibit, I went up to the roof of the Met for the astonishing view of Central Park and the surrounding NYC skyline. (This is a MUST if you visit Manhattan.) It was breezy and a slight drizzle was coming down. The roof was packed with people enjoying wine and beer. I got on the elevator and went to the Great Hall bar where classical music was being performed live and light snacks were being served at small tables. I rested there before getting back on the train to come downtown. Tomorrow I plan on walking to Battery Park to see the sculpture”Breath.”