June 4, 2004

June 04, 2004 01:23 AM

Today the curator for PS122 in NYC phoned me to say that my date there needs to be moved from Aug 28. I do not know the new date but will post if asap. Today I have a familiar feeling. I want to get on a plane and go far away by myself. I just got home from NYC but NYC is not far away and NYC is home. I have a desire to go to the desert . Maybe even some place like Colorado or Taos, New Mexico. When I feel this way, I need solitude. I need to sweat . I need to feel gloriously alive in my body. Tomorrow I go into training for the upcoming work ahead. Advance lung capacity and control. I love Steve Von Till’s energy. I will enjoy working with Neurosis and also spending time with my friend Kris Force. She has kindly invited me to stay with her at the beach. I am really excited about that, too. Also this summer I will create and make available a quiet home recording of me at the keyboard. It will be called “Still Love.”

What are your plans for the summer ?