June 8, 2004

June 08, 2004 02:47 AM

I cannot endure your confrontational nature. Some people are so near sighted that they cannot even see their own face in the mirror. They believe that when things in their life turn sour, it is the other person’s “fault” and they take no personal responsibility for their own words, actions, and deeds. The last person I was in a relationship with who after a “grace period” told me to “fuck off and drop dead”, announced that his friends judged me as “psychotic.” You know what ? Terrific. Since I am sure they got BOTH sides of the story ! And since I am “psychotic”, and the conditions were so hideous, then my question is as follows: why did he live in this house for over 6 years ? I am TIRED of being referred to as an ugly woman, I am TIRED of being BLAMED . I am fed up with being verbally abused and treated with disrespect. If you are this way to me, get away from me and take your toxic mean spirited nature elsewhere. This is no tea party. I am no longer able to tolerate being treated with aggressive negative tactics, verbal abuse and threats. If you do not like or understand me, there is the door. Good Luck. I loved you and you had a tender place in my heart. I cannot endure your confrontational nature any more. “Live long and prosper.”