June 10, 2004

June 10, 2004 01:08 AM

“All the suffering we experience comes from our involvement in defending our self. If we let go, we simultaneously let go of mental suffering. In particular, compassion is the remedy for aversion … In aversion or hatred I wish another person harm. In compassion, I wish them freedom from harm. Cultivating compassion dispels hatred. Compassion is to understand the other person’s subjective world without stealing anything. Stealing means taking over. In compassion. I become the other; I do not force them to become me. In compassion one sees through the eyes of the other, and feeds with their heart, without any private agenda.” “Great love is non-possessive and unconditional.”

– David Brazier

“Rage needs to be heard. This does not mean that it simply needs to be listened to. It needs to be accepted, taken within, and understood empathetically. While the diatribes and accusations appear to be deliberate attempts to hurt the the truth about rage is that it only dissolves when it is really heard and understood, without reservations.” -C.R. Rogers