July 4, 2004

July 04, 2004 06:06 AM

tonight I ran nine miles and walked one. it was very humid and i was drenched in sweat. bugs kept flying into my eyes. i pace myself carefully when I do this distance in this heat. it isn’t the body’s exertion that has me in agony. it is the intense humidity and heat. i kept visualizing …..like the times of watching a very determined and focused Rollins work out stripped down to his shorts in dressing rooms years ago and …….. me in forms of power… like seeing myself as a SWAT team member all in black and ready to go to work – to keep myself motivated.

it also helped that fireworks were exploding all around me.

. . . so i am in the midst of getting an education about my own capacity for insight into others. all shall be revealed soon. one way or another.

I am looking forward to my continuing education in the city of Seattle in late July/August.

Possibly Memphis also….