July 10, 2004

July 10, 2004 03:19 AM

a battle that many of us face in our lives is that of awakening.

it is a battle with the self that never ends.

i have been thinking lately about the circle of pain .

and how the circle of pain within my own life has continued in different places and with different people but always with me in the core of it.

i have decided to get out of the circle of pain and try as hard as i can to invite and allow pleasure and joy and peace to touch me inside.

have you ever considered that some of us are self destructive and self abusive and that it draws others locked into pain towards us … thereby deepening the circle of pain ?

i have recently been thinking about this.

i was given a great gift by someone.

my own pain is what drew them full of violence and anger and self hatred towards me gripped in the circle of pain. if i had not had that inside myself some place, it would not have resonated towards me .

anger waters the seeds of anger. violence begets violence.

the addiction to pure evil.