July 13, 2004

July 13, 2004 03:36 AM

As I was running tonight, I crossed over the bridge and felt a silky web cross my face. Keeping my momentum, I wiped it away with my hand, shook my braid and regulated my breathing as I came up the hill. Then it happened: a moment of realization of the perfection of the night around me and my body and mind together in the awareness of the glory of the human machine and nature. I was one with the night. I was one with running. I was a free being on this earth with strong legs and lungs and will. I was annnointed in the holy water of sweat. It is called it “runner’s high” by some … and people who know me have remarked on the strength of my voice as I suppose I gushed forth in exuberance about it. Hmm. Running Meditation is what I do now and I am very very grateful I survived my fractured skull injury in 2001 – and I am A L I V E.