August 6, 2004

August 06, 2004 05:56 AM

I am home in Atlanta after 3 + weeks on the west coast. This trip was one of the most miraculous and ALIVE times of my entire life. In Pacifica, I had many solitary moments running on the beach and then climbing to the top of the bluff. I love my dear and beautiful sister spirit, Kris Force. The concert with Neurosis was a religious experience and Steve Von Till is now talking about this show going to NYC, Philadelphia or D.C.. Los Angeles, and London. I am saying; YES YES YES to these shows because working with them is the closest high I have had since working in Swans. In Seattle, I found myself in a place of bliss and internal conversation so profound that I did not want to break the spell. I had a deeply meaningful time in Seattle with Bill and Frankie and I love them dearly. I am so proud of Bill. His entry into R.E.M. is an incredible development for them. It lends a credibility with the serious musical illuminati that R.E.M. simply did not have previously. I mean Ministry fans are not exactly R.E.M. folks ! LOL ! I support Bill in all his endeavors. He is the MASTER. ALSO : I am also excited and energized about N. whom I got to know while in Seattle. The most supportive and creatively inspiring energy for me that I can imagine. More as it develops. Amazing things are coming into my life in the next 12 months. These include powerful music, major progress in my personal life, and continuing on the path that I started in January to REBUILDING Jarboe.