August 24, 2004

August 24, 2004 04:06 AM

Last night, a huge praying mantis *** attached herself to the outside of my driver’s side window and rode with me for miles. It was beautiful. I felt such a bond with her as we rode through the night air. When I pulled up into my dark driveway and cut off the engine, she slowly climbed up onto the roof of the truck and out of sight. I was happy to bring her home with me. I thought to myself smiling that THIS is what life is about. This is why, as much as I enjoy cities, I must have a home surrounded by nature. I feel that I have the best of both worlds. I am 2 hours away from the cement /culture / crowds of NYC and I have a life in ATL surrounded by my private garden and lively creatures – both animal and insect.

NEWS: I heard from Steve (Neurosis) tonight that Brooklyn looks like 27 November at Northsix, D.C. is 27 November at 9:30 Club, and London (TBA) looks like 18 December. L.A. is still at The Troubadour on 6 November.

On 26 September, The Living Jarboe performs in Gdansk , Poland at St John’s Church. I am thrilled to do a performance inside this beautiful 14th Century building in beautiful Gdansk.

*** Although the female mantis has the habit of eating the male after mating, its name suggests a more benign activity. Mantis is from the Greek word mantis, meaning “prophet, seer.” The Greeks, who made the connection between the upraised front legs of a mantis waiting for its prey and the hands of a prophet in prayer, used the name mantis to mean “the praying mantis.”