September 5, 2004

September 05, 2004 05:10 AM

Heard from Steve Von Till. The Neurosis concert in London where I will be their special guest is at The Forum on December 18th. I have had a busy week. I went to Chad’s place (Chad Rullman made both Mastodon videos and the Neurosis DVD) and was interviewed/filmed for a documentary a Parisian film maker is doing on the subject of Cinema Of Transgression. I did 4 interviews for Thirteen Masks etc this week also. I have also been working on the upcoming rehearsels and logistics for the three concerts in Eastern Europe as well as talking with Travis at PS 122 in Manhattan discussing the concept for the performance I will do there October 29 on Halloween weekend ! AND : I ran over 7 miles tonight, came home , took a bath and had a glass of wine while losing myself in: Slipknot , Mastodon , and Meshuggah FULL BLAST !


Mastodon are based here in Atlanta and are going on tour with Slipknot and Slayer in Europe. They are THE metal band NOW.

We are currently making updates on merch and other info on the site so stay tuned. MEN is still coming out in 2005 AND I am recording a NEW album in 2005 that has me incredibly turned on. (More LATER…..)

I go downtown to the Hyatt Hotel to see good friends, Faith and the Muse later tonight at the DRAGONCON here in Atlanta.

so yeah.

Things are GOOD. 🙂

Thank you, L.