September 6, 2004

September 06, 2004 02:58 AM

Tonight I drove alone in my old truck passing Batman along the way, to downtown Atlanta to the Hyatt hotel to see Faith and the Muse in concert at a madhouse called Dragon Con. There was a festive atmosphere as thousands of people paraded around in colorful and bizarre makeup and costumes emulating their favorite characters from Science Fiction movies. I met gentleman Brian Gray in front of the hotel and admired his bright red contact lenses which complimented his vibrant red curls of hair slicked down to his cheekbones. The concert was professional and also had a genuine heart to it. Monica was in perfect pitch and looked stunning in a flowing gown. William was naturally flawless on his guitar and had great stage presence. The set was diverse musically including two pieces of the entire band only drumming – with Monica’s voice. Seeing my good friends in their element was joyous.

And me, I am in a strange place mentally tonight. I am living a kind of war in my head and nervous system. A friend commented that I was “whipped.” And even though that has many connotations poetically speaking, I couldn’t agree more .

It is as if something has gone to live inside my head for awhile and take charge of my hormones and my consciousness. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear a spell has been cast upon me. Considering I know several formidable witches, I do not scoff at that power unleashed.

In two days, I begin a long journey. It is the journey I have wanted to take. It is an internal journey and an outward journey. Through time, through walls, through myself, through another.

I have been preparing for this journey my entire life. In all of my humble spiritual endeavors. In all of my solitude. In all of my struggles through this lifetime.

Let it begin.