September 8, 2004

September 08, 2004 01:47 AM

Tonight it is calm. No sleep at all last night due to the loud winds and rain pummeling the house and huge tree limbs falling to the ground. I climbed up into the attic at 4 a.m. to survey any roof damage. The electricity went out while I was up there and then the flashlight burned out ! I waited in the dark for awhile before ever so slowly feeling my way towards the ladder to climb down into the hallway and feel my way to the kitchen where the matches were kept. I have a lot of respect for this attic as it is said that I fell out of it on March 11 , 2001. This led to my near death from a fractured skull. If you have read ‘artery’ for several years, you may remember when this happened. I have amnesia. Funny because I remember vividly the recording session for SWANS : ” Amnesia,” little did I know that I would experience it for myself. Okay, I just heard another huge limb fall to the ground in a very loud thud that shook the foundation of the house…. Will go outside barefoot wrapped in my kimono and shining a new flashlight.

I have to tell you…. I am so excited about the music I will be involved with for the foreseeable future. For the first time in many years, I am seeing genuine happiness come in. I have someone sweet to thank for that. And as I have heard Bill Rieflin say in a mischievous tone : “All shall be revealed!”