September 27, 2004

September 27, 2004 10:08 AM

Last night, Kris Force, Nic Le Ban and I performed within St Johns Church here in Gdansk, Poland. Everyone who spoke to me said it was way beyond the performance I had given last year and that this year’s concert was “mystical.” That was my concept and intent with the performance , so I was deeply gratified to have put across this message to the audience. Vladimir did our sound and told me afterwards that the musicians I had brought with me were amazing and that I was once again back to “full power.” He said that he observed last year that I was “compressed” and held back. Last night, however, he thought I was actualized and projected fully actualized self and command. I know the reasons for this change. They have everything to do with the energy deep inside me now. I have finally merged with an honesty and a clarity and a lucidity with Nic and also Kris that have transformed me and unlocked me like sacred keys.