September 29, 2004

September 29, 2004 12:12 PM

Last night we performed in Vilnius in an old ornate cathedral. We were well received and did two encores. We did interviews on radio and television as well as press and photo shoots. We enjoyed an excellent dinner in a restaurant on a cliff. We stayed at an apartment decorated with a collection of oak from the neighboring forest as well as images of Osho, as the owner of the apartment is a devotee. I felt at home there in Vilnius and we had a lovely time. It is a rich and inviting place. The concert went very well and I was pleased. Now I am in Riga and we play at 11 pm in a rock club in a basement. I am at an internet cafe at the moment. We drove here in a mini van and will leave tonight after the concert to head back to Vilnius where we spend the night and the day before taking a bus and a train back to Warsaw to head home to New York. I am having a grand time with my close friends here. Kris is a delight to travel with and Nic is a complete gentleman. Nic and I are also working through varied aspects in our relationship and I feel truly as if I am cared for and being held to high standards as we enter a gateway of understanding. I am happy for the first time in a awhile. I have no stress and I am not being held back judged in ways that make me stiff and fearful. This is true Freedom and it tastes sweet. I am wondering what took me so very long to see it in front of me. The present is great. The future looks full of blazing light.