October 4, 2004

October 04, 2004 12:28 AM

We arrived here in New York City several days ago from Europe. Nic and I enjoyed a walk around the East Village together as well as Soho. We had dinner at a French cafe on Ludlow Street and the next day we talked about the work I need to do on myself to heal from old wounds and be healthy and receptive to pure light. I love him. Last night, I attended the wedding held on West Street for my friend, Bill Bronson. It was a large and lavish event in a huge loft. There was cavier and flowing champagne and feasting and dancing. Old friends were there – Jim Thirlwell, Beth B, Hank Fury, Dave Burton, Fabio Roberti, Ruth Parsons, Lary Seven… It was good to see them. I had traveled for 30 hours to make the wedding and from the smile on Bill’s face when he saw me, it was one of my best decisions to do whatever it took to make it. Bill has been a good friend through the years and I wish him every happiness. Tonight, he and his bride Regina are on the way to Thailand for a month long honeymoon. ….

I am jet-lagged but feeling good. This morning I meditated for an hour. My friend, Michelle and I went out for a walk and brunch.

I last wrote a journal entry from an internet cafe in Riga. To even begin to tell you about that night..the performance, and what happened later… will be impossible.

Let me just say that I brought a demon into me and I transformed into something I did not recognize. It was draining and horrific at the time. I was barely inside my own consciousness. What happened was horrific and the audience was in a trance. Some people wept. My face and my right arm altered so radically that it was terrifying. I became a corpse and my arm was that of a skeleton. I cannot say more now. The main thing is that something tried very hard to prevent us from getting out of Riga.